Friday, May 21, 2010

Marcon prep #8

Beau's Kilt - Finished sewing the waistband. Started sewing on the hook closures. Sewed one on backwards so the stitching had to be ripped out - not an easy task I assure you - and re-done. I need to finish sewing on the closures and do the belt loops.

Pre-Marcon To Do List:
1. Finish beau's kilt
2. Make mystery costume (no I still have not done this!)
3. Do a costume run through to make sure everything works like it should
4. Collect my fascinator for my steamy vampire costume
5. Make a choker for my time traveler costume
6. Add a pocket to my time traveler costume for a pocket watch
7. Finish Miss Dashwood's bloomers
8. Take in Miss Dashwood's skirt
9. Check to see if my blue corset can go with my clockwork pajamas
10. If not see if I can get my purple brocade corset put together using navy zipper
11. Finish black and silver striped bodice (bought elastic cord yesterday!)
12. Time traveler prop (not likely)
13. Princess Leia belt (also not likely)
14. Harley Quinn hat (also not likely)
15. Dye my hair (not sewing related but this is a MUST)
16. Waistband for my purple bustle
17. Decorate hair sticks to match saloon girl costume
18. See if saloon girl bodice can be taken in any
19. Finish packing list and pack
20. Buy / charge camera batteries (again not sewing but a MUST)

Wow...I have a lot to do...

Fingers crossed I finish everything

A bientot mes amis

Miss Leah J Wilde

EDIT Finished the kilt tonight. Now my to do list is only 19 items long.

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