Friday, May 7, 2010

Marcon prep #2

Hello my dearest darlings!

I've been making fantastic progress on my preparations for Marcon.

1. Finished sewing ribbon onto the underskirt of my 'time traveler' dress. Which means the dress is DONE! Unless I decide to add more ring tape to the bustle, which I am tempted to do but for now I'm calling it complete. AND I do need to finish the prop...I believe my beau and I may be working on that this weekend...

2. Finished sewing Miss Dashwood's bustle together and started the hand sewing - hook closures and snaps - all that is left is to sew more hook closures on so that the bustle train can attach to the apron. I also fitted the bloomers, cut them to length (they were much longer than what the lovely Miss Dashwood desired) and re-sewed the seams to replace the basting stitches. I also created casings at the waist and the hem and threaded elastic through. Now all that is left is to have her try them on again so I can tighten the elastic to her satisfaction.

3. I ironed the fabric for my beau's kilt and cut out the pieces. I've started the process of sewing the outer fabric to the lining. I'm going for something similar to a flat lining so that its almost like the kilt was made out of thick material and not like it was lined. I'm worried about keeping the plaid straight and dreading all the pleats. The front flap is going to be lined in the plaid because I ran out of the heavy cotton (my guess as to how much fabric I needed was incorrect on the lining). I plan to work on this tonight and attempt to finish it. Or at least make a lot of progress.

In the planning stages and hoping to finish for the convention are two more items for myself - a more summery bodice for my plaid dress and a mystery costume. I'm rolling ideas for the bodice around in my head, trying to decide if I just want to do a sleeveless bodice using the same pattern as the current bodice, or if I'd like to do a corset-like top, or maybe even a sleeveless polonaise style... As for the mystery costume, its one I've wanted to do for a while, and would be perfect attire for a theme party my beau is likely to escort me to. I'm planning to purchase the fabric tomorrow and start on it this weekend.

And before you ask 'flat lining' is a technique where the lining is flat against the inside of the outer fabric, they're stitched wrong sides together to give the impression of a heavier fabric instead of two separate fabrics. You then sew with the fabrics as if they were one piece instead of two.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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