Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marcon prep #9

Alright, let's see how I'm doing on my preparations for Marcon next weekend shall we?

1. Finish beau's kilt - finished this last night. Sewed the last closure into place and added the belt loops.

2. Make mystery costume (no I still have not done this!) - this is packed in my sewing bag to work on at my beau's tomorrow

3. Do a costume run through to make sure everything works like it should - planning to do this Monday afternoon

4. Collect my fascinator for my steamy vampire costume - No date and time has been set for this yet

5. Make a choker for my time traveler costume - This is also packed in my sewing bag

6. Add a pocket to my time traveler costume for a pocket watch - As is this

7. Finish Miss Dashwood's bloomers - Sewed the elastic channels closed today

8. Take in Miss Dashwood's skirt - Also did this today.

9. Check to see if my blue corset can go with my clockwork pajamas - Checked this and it might work, I'll just take it with me and decide when the time comes. Not like it takes up a lot of room

10. If not see if I can get my purple brocade corset put together using navy zipper - Not going to bother. I probably don't have the time

11. Finish black and silver striped bodice (bought elastic cord yesterday!) - This is packed in my sewing bag

12. Dye my hair (not sewing related but this is a MUST) - This will happen sometime next week

13. Waistband for my purple bustle - Today I sewed a wide piece of grosgrain ribbon along the top of the bustle. I have it packed in my sewing bag so I can put a couple hook closures on it this weekend.

14. Decorate hair sticks to match saloon girl costume - Hair sticks, ribbon and lace are packed in my sewing bag. I'll probably pick up some ribbon and beads this weekend to add to them.

14. See if saloon girl bodice can be taken in any - I tried on the bodice and decided the only place it could possibly be taken in was along the hook and eye tape in the front. Pinned and folded it back about 3/8 of an inch, stitched it in place then used a little zigzag stitching along the edge as decoration.

15. Finish packing list and pack - Packing list is pretty much finished. Just need to pack next week.

16. Buy / charge camera batteries (again not sewing but a MUST)- This also needs to be done next week.

I think my preparations are going well, don't you?

A bientot mes amis!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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