Monday, May 17, 2010

Marcon prep #6

1. Sewed the silver satin buttons onto my black and silver bodice. 13 buttons down one side. The 14th button was (1) messed up and (2) an odd number of buttons fit easier. I started making and sewing black elastic button loops on, but ran out of elastic after 8 loops. Each loop is a piece of elastic cord about 3 inches long that is knotted, looped around the button, then the other side of the bodice is lined up, the elastic loop is pinned and then sewn into place. I'm going to hunt for more elastic and if I come up empty I'll either buy more or leave the bottom of the bodice unfastened. I'll likely buy more, as to not be a lady of questionable reputation.

2. The bias around my 'jacket' has been hand stitched down. Then I cut more bias, pinned and sewed it around the armholes and then hand stitched it in place. Unless I decide the jacket needs a closure, which I'm thinking it does not, the jacket is DONE.

3. As for my 'time traveler' - finally added more ring tape to the bustle, so it'll bustle a little higher now and hopefully show some of the underskirt in the back. I also stitched a ring right below the flap at the back of the underskirt so that the bustle can be tied into place. I decided not to move the hook closure because I'm too worried about it disturbing the bustle. And because I was too lazy to redo it honestly.

4. The beau's kilt is now ready for waistband application! Had to redo some of the pleats - during previous fittings he had not noticed that all the pleats went one direction and he checked his Utilikilt and the internet to find that the pleats should go opposite directions and meet with a box pleat in the back. So I had to rip out half the pleats and re do them. I didn't really mind as it kept my hands occupied. The kilt was approved with a final fitting. Now all I need to do is attach the waistband, make and attach belt loops and sew on hook closures.

5. Little progress has been made on my mystery costume. I did however sew the pleather strips together into one long strap. I don't anticipate this costume taking too long, but I always tried to be prepared for the worst.

Overall, I think my preparations are coming along quite quite well.

Pre-Marcon to do list:
1. Elastic loops for silver and black bodice
2. Finishing the beau's kilt
3. Princess Leia belt
4. Time traveler prop
5. Mystery costume
6. Maybe finishing my Harley Quinn hat

I don't really have anything in my sewing bag today. The kilt is there but since all I need to do is pinning (I'm going to machine stitch the waistband) its not really much of a sewing project.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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