Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marcon prep #3

Things are coming along rather swimmingly I think!

1. I finished Miss Dashwood's pieces and she is quite pleased! I just need to sew the elastic casings shut but that'll only take a moment. She looks rather adorable in them.

2. I also finished the lovely Miss Dashwood's pajama pants. Although now we are both bemoaning our lack of matching corsets. We plan to wear the pajamas to a Barfleet party.

3. Finished flatlining the fabric for my beau's new kilt. Then I sewed the front flap lining in - cut a piece of plaid the right size, sewed it to the outside of the front flap along the bottom and side, leaving the top edge and the side that would be against the lining open, flipped it to the inside, folded the edge over to encase the raw edge of the lining and basted the top edges together. Then I was ready for the pleating! Which took a little bit of trial and error to get the fabric pleated so that the pleats sat in the right place and so that the front overlapped just the right amount for him. After the second fitting, I let every other pleat out about half an inch, adding a total of 2.5 to 3 inches to the garment. Pinned everything down, keeping all the pleats aligned with the lines of the plaid and started hand stitching each pleat. I'm sewing from about 4 inches down the pleat, up to the waistband and then across the top of the pleat. Once they're all stitched (or earlier if possible) I'll have him try it on again and if he's pleased - which he hopefully will be - then I'll sew on the waistband and add the belt loops he's requested.

As for my own last minute projects -

4. I decided on a bodice design for my 'summer' bodice. I'm making a corset top (probably without boning but I'm not sure yet, I might use some) and a sleeveless 'jacket' to go over it. Originally they were going to be stitched together into one garment but since I decided to go w a black and silver stripe for the bodice - on Miss Dashwood's suggestion - I'd prefer to leave the bodice so that I can wear it separately. The 'jacket' is going to be out of the silver and black plaid, probably with a solid black mandarin style collar. I may alter the back of the bodice so that it shows some skin, but I might leave it as is. I'll make that decision once I put it together. I plan for the bodice to fasten with silver satin covered buttons and elastic loops. I've cut out all the bodice pieces and pinned them together, I may line it w a heavy cotton. The 'jacket' pieces are also cut out, except for the collar, as is a peplum out of the plaid that I may use hooks or snaps to fasten to the bodice as a temporary addition. I'm not sure if the peplum will be necessary yet but its an option.

5. As for my mystery costume - the fabric has been purchased and prewashed. I cut strips of pleather to use for the strapping. The strips need to be sewn together into one long strip and then I'll start working on the actual dress. I'm thinking that'll happen this weekend when I can use the dress form at my beau's house. Draping will be involved and I'm thinking that a dress form will be necessary for that portion of the construction.

I still haven't made any progress on the prop for my time traveler or on the Leia belt. Nor have I worked on my Harley Quinn hat. I think I'm more interested in wearing my new costumes instead. After all, I don't really need the hat to be Harley, I can just put my hair in pigtails and people know who I am.

That's it for now! A beintot mes amis!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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