Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #23 and moving onwards

Well the time traveler costume is pretty much complete. I finished sewing the roman shade tape on (although I am contemplating adding a little more to it) and I attached the ruffle to the hem. I decided that one ruffle was enough so all I have left to do is hand sewing on some wide green ribbon over the top of the ruffle to finish the edge. And moving the waistband hook and eye because the skirt is a little too big on me. I do still have the prop to do as well, but I believe my beau and one of his friends might be aiding me with that this weekend...

And... moving onwards...

Miss Dashwood's outfit: I have cut out both the skirt and bloomers. I did part of first out of some extra fabric first because it was my first time really enlarging a pattern. It turned out well so I took it apart and used it as the pattern. So far I hemmed the apron front and gathered the sides and attached them to the apron back. I hemmed the sides of the poufs then sewed the top pouf to the bottom pouf for the bustle skirt, including putting a drawstring in to attach the bustle to the apron (they tie together). I need more fabric before I can finish the bustle, and I'm buying that tomorrow. I also need ribbon for the waistband. As for the bloomers, I enlarged the pattern and cut it out. Then I sewed the inner leg seam before sewing the legs together at the crotch. As of right now, its all basted together. That way I can alter them easily if its necessary. I haven't done the casing and the elastic yet because I wish that Miss Dashwood try them on first, nor have I hemmed them for the same reason.

Pajama pants - I cut out both my pair and the pair for Miss Dashwood. Then I sewed together the inner leg seam, the outer leg seam and the crotch seam of mine. I plan to finish them tonight - the casing is in progress, the elastic is laid out and then all I have to do is hem them. Then I shall tackle Miss Dashwood's and we shall have matching pajamas to wear when we share accommodations at Marcon.

The countdown is down to 26 days but I'm feeling very prepared at the moment. If all goes well, my beau shall have a new kilt to wear for the event.

Well I must get back to sewing! I want to finish my pajama pants this evening.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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