Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time Traveler #15

Sorry for the delay my dear darlings. I have new real life employment that is keeping me from my sewing love. But said employment has allowed me to buy a few things for my costume so I say it all works out in the end. I picked up more green ribbon - one spool of the narrow I've been using for trim and one of a wider width to use for the waistband of the underskirt. I also purchased some white petticoat net to use in the bustle. The pattern calls for crinoline but I personally feel that crinoline would be much to thick. I believe that the netting will give it some nice shape. I need to purchase some fabric for the ruffles at the bottom of the skirt. I've decided I don't like the one semi narrow ruffle that I have now so I'm going to attempt to match the color of the purple brocade so I can have a couple layers of wider ruffles at the hem.

I cut out the lining for the bustle. I decided to just use the clock print cotton because I did not have enough of either white fabric I was thinking of using. The white fabric will likely become ruffles along the edge of the bustle. I'm also contemplating covering an umbrella and making it into a parasol. Maybe some of the white fabric will be used for that. The apron has been pinned to the underskirt but I have not stitched it into place yet. So a quick look to the future - stitching the apron in place, cutting out the netting for the bustle, putting the bustle together, removing current ruffle from skirt and adding new ones. Oh and I eventually need to shorten and hem the sleeves on the shrug. I'm thinking elbow length would work well.

I've had some more prop ideas but I think that what I want to do is beyond my meager prop making abilities. Fingers crossed I either figure out something or someone else helps me.

A bientot!
Miss Leah J. Wilde

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