Friday, March 5, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #13 and an earlier project

Hello dearests,

The bodice to my time traveler costume is completed! I finished sewing on the green ribbon today. Then I pinned the green ribbon onto the apron above the white lace and started sewing it on. It's in my project basket to take to my beau's this weekend.

This is the bodice I made for the Broken Hearts Masquerade. I took a corset pattern that I had used before (in fact, I think it was used to make the pink and white one seen in my gothic ballerina photo), cut it out of red satin and sewed it together. Then I tried the corset on, pinned the front together and cut one side where I wanted it to curve underneath my bosom. Then I simply finished the edges and sewed some eyelet trim to the front.

I was going to upload a few more photos of some other projects, but my computer is not cooperating and I'm tired so I'm just giving up for now.

I promise to upload some other pictures later.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

PS If you didn't already see it, I added a photo to an earlier entry, the one that talked about my time traveler and the gothic ballerina outfit.

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