Friday, March 26, 2010

Updated To Do List

Again, this is mainly for my own purposes. I would write it all down on a piece of paper but I am dreadful with losing things so posting it online seems the better idea.

Time traveler - Finish trimming underskirt ruffle #1. Hem and trim ruffle #2, then apply both ruffles to the underskirt. Finish the top of the underskirt. Cut out petticoat netting for the bustle. Put the bustle together, including stitching Roman shade tape to the underside for bustling purposes. Use bright pink narrow ribbon to bustle. Trim bustle with layered ruffles - white satin, either purple brocade or satin, white lace, green ribbon. Finish jacket: shorten sleeves, maybe trim w white lace and green ribbon. I also need to pick up some white gloves, I'd like to make or find a white fan and I plan to make a matching parasol.

For Miss Dashwood - brown bustle skirt and striped bloomers, provided that I can find striped fabric. Maybe a blouse.

Harley Quinn - aviator-esque hat

ANH Leia - Belt

I am hoping to have those four costumes done before Marcon in May. It is a lot of sewing to do in just a couple months.

Pink and white outfit (no real deadline on this)

Simi costume for Dragon*Con

Group costume for Dragon*Con - coordinated dresses for myself, Miss Dashwood, Miss Van Eycke and Tailor Made. Will also probably be helping the Captain with his costume.

For the masquerade in August - steampunk Disney fairies with myself playing the role of the adorable Tinkerbell. So excited about this one.

Mara Jade from Star Wars - I'm planning to make her black jumpsuit costume. Hoping to do one jumpsuit, two costumes. One will be 501st acceptable so I can join. My dear beau is a member and has asked me to join. At first I balked because I don't like the Imperial uniforms but then I realized that Mara was an acceptable character. So now I am excited. The second costume will be a steampunk version of Mara Jade, I'm still thinking up ideas for it. While I'd like this done asap, there is no real deadline. Perhaps Dragon*Con?

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