Thursday, March 4, 2010

To-do List

This is mainly for my own reference, but since things keep crossing my mind...

My time traveler of course. After seeing pics of someone else's bustled gown with a large ruffle edging the bustle, I think I'll have to give that a try instead of a narrow ruffle. Unfortunately I know I don't have enough purple brocade to do a large ruffle, a narrow one yes, a large one is very doubtful. Hmmm maybe just white? I think I have enough white satin...It was going to be lining but I could always line the bustle with the clock fabric, I probably have enough...And I could double layer the ruffles, a narrow purple one over the white or maybe a little green ruffle or lilac satin...*thinking*

Bustle for the lovely Miss Dashwood. She found one on a website that she likes, hopefully I can replicate it.

Aviator-esque hat for steampunk Harley Quinn

Pink and white outfit - I have a corset and skirt that match that are made from pink linen. The top is lined with pink and white stripes and reversible. I'm thinking of adding to the bottom of the skirt somehow with more stripes. Maybe make it into a mermaid style skirt, maybe just add a ruffle (gathered or pleated) and some sort of bustle...

A Simi costume for Dragon*Con (if I go) - I'm thinking corset, ballerina-esque black tutu and my purple and black striped socks. Just need an underskirt, horns, bat wings and a coffin shaped purse...

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