Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #10

Hello dears and darlings,

The white lace trim has been stitched onto the bodice and green ribbon has been pinned on top of it. Currently working on stitching down the dark purple ruffle better. I figure that it will go with me on little errands and such until its done as I can hand stitch anywhere but I can only use my machine when I'm at home. So why waste valuable machine sewing time when I could just wait til I'm visiting my beau or a friend to work on the hand sewing?

I also hemmed the underskirt (which is pink satin). I used polyester horsehair braid. The braid is pinned to the right side of the hem, then you zig zag stitched along the edge. Next the braid is turned to the inside, encasing the raw edge of fabric, pinned and stitched down. The hem could be whip-stitched by hand for a less noticeable stitching, but I usually don't worry too much about that. Especially when I'll probably be adding trim that will hide the stitching anyways. In this case, I decided to cut more, wider bias strips of the purple brocade to make a ruffle for the bottom of the underskirt. The strips have already been stitched together. I plan to hem both sides of the ruffle, then ruffle it before attaching it to the underskirt. I'll probably also add some white lace trim to the ruffle, probably along the top of it.

I have been taking some photos as I work. At the moment, I have misplaced my camera cord. Hopefully I can find it soon and edit all these posts with photos added.

A demain!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

EDIT: Photos added

Layered trim on the bodice

Yards of purple brocade destined to be a ruffle on the hem of the underskirt

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