Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour Wear Post the First

As I'm sure most of you know, I have a slight shall we say obsession for the All American Rejects. This fall I will be attending two shows (sadly, because I wish it were more) and I've decided to basically sew myself a new wardrobe of 'tour wear' for these two shows of leggings and tunics. Current outfit plans: Outfit #1 - cream leggings and a Halloween print tunic (nicknamed the "Eat, drink and be scary" tunic). Outfit #2 - grey leopard print leggings and the "I believe in pink" tunic.

Outfit #1 Details:
Last night, I completed my first item of this Tour Wear wardrobe -- a pair of cream leggings that my friend Pepper said came out 'banging'. The pattern itself was super easy (they're kinda like pajama pants in construction) but they took a lot of tailoring to fit properly. It was sew this seam, try it on, take it in, try it on, take it in a little more at the ankle, then at the knee...you get the picture. But they came out pretty perfect and super comfy - I ended up leaving them on after the last fitting!

Pattern for my "Eat, drink and be scary" tunic, McCalls 6396

"Eat drink and be scary" tunic fabric and cream leggings fabric

The "Eat drink and be scary" tunic has been cut out but not started.

Outfit #2 Details:

I'll be using the same leggings pattern as before, McCalls 6173, in a grey leopard print sweater knit. Since I took in the cream pair so much, I may cut a smaller size to start with...On the other hand, the stretch is likely very different so it might be better to stick with the same size... We'll see. The fabric is purchased but I haven't prewashed it yet.

And the "I believe in pink" tunic has been started! I used the bodice from my skull print sundress pattern, McCalls 5094 view E or F, and I'm planning to attach a square shaped skirt.

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