Friday, September 14, 2012

September 10 2012 To Do List Update

I basically forced myself to work on projects this week instead of sitting around on my few free hours. I actually prefer feeling accomplished to lazy though :)
  1. Miss Joker suit and blouse - This is DONE except for the accessories
  2. Tour Wear 
    1. Cream leggings are DONE!
    2. Leopard print leggings fabric is started prewashing. How does 'Wilde Side" leggings sound for these?
    3.  'I believe in pink' tunic - Is started. The bodice and bodice lining pieces are half put together. I need to get a zipper.
    4. "Eat, drink and be scary" Halloween tunic is still ready for construction.I need to get a zipper and some lining. I tried it with leftover burgundy from my Christmas night gown but it didn't work.
  3. Haven't touched either embroidered quilt
  4. Halloween skirt - Still need to finish the waistband.
  5. Christmas nightgown is ready for construction. 
  6. Keeper of the Keys waist cincher
  7. Quilt blocks are still waiting for me to start my Ohio Star blocks.
This weekend, I'd like to:
  • At least get the "Wilde Side" leggings cut out if not started.
  • And work on one or both of my tunics. 
  • Maybe work on my embroidery.

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