Monday, October 25, 2010

What I did this weekend

I think that an itemized list style list of what I did this weekend will work best, so here we go, my dearest readers -

1. Finished my spats. All that's left is the elastic strap across the bottom, which should be done in two shakes of a lamb's tail so no worries.

2. Worked on my Harley Quinn hat. Originally used a pattern that was much too large for my head so I had fun taking it in again and again and again. Finally got it to fit and then I think it was too small, so I added a bit to the face opening edges by using a spandex strip to finish the edge. Also hand sewed two snaps on below the chin to close it. Now I need to stuff the head thingies and hand stitch them onto the hat and then figure out how to do the pom poms at the ends. I'm thinking gathered lace to match the lace trim already sewn onto the body suit. Then I'll have an (almost) complete Harley Quinn costume!

3. I did some ironing - the dress that I had planned to wear on an airship outing yesterday but the weather did not cooperate and the fabric I purchased to make my parents' Christmas gifts.

4. Washed and dried the petticoat that I had planned to wear yesterday and did not end up using. I also moved the hook and eye closure so that the petticoat will sit at my waist instead of my hips. I've been safety pinning it pretty much since I made it, figured it was high time to fix it.

5. Painted the wings for my Halloween costume. It took a total of three cans of paint (one regular spray and two fabric spray paint, I decided that the fabric paint worked better) plus a tube of glitter (sprinkled on while the paint was wet) and some glow in the dark paint for accents. Hopefully they look fine with my costume on Thursday, otherwise I may be running to the store for new wings.

6. Worked on my mini bloomers - put together and cut out the pattern pieces, cut the pattern out of the fabric (decided to use green satin), stitched them together then pinned and stitched the elastic casings at the waist and leg openings. The pattern calls for button holes and ribbon to be threaded through the legs but I think that elastic will work just as well and be a mite easier.

7. Worked on a couple projects for my beau, including redoing the hem of the kilt I made him. It wants to curl up. I folded it up again and machine basted it. He said it looks okay so I'm going to hand stitch it and then remove the basting. Hopefully it works for him afterwards. I'm personally worried about the length, but don't know how else to fix the issue. I'm guessing that there's no enough weight in the hem for some reason.

8. Took apart my captain's spats and figured out how much fabric was necessary to redo them. I purchased said fabric but have not worked on the spats yet.

Current project list --
1. Elastic on my spats.
2. Elastic in my bloomer casings.
3. New Shipwreck shirt for my beau.
4. Spats for my captain.
5. Finishing my Harley Quinn hat.
6. Hemming my beau's kilt.
7. New Rebel Trooper shirt for my beau.
8. Imperial Officer uniform for myself (will tackle this for Mid Ohio Con if I have the time).
9. Next steampunk costume which I've already been thinking about and sketching.
10. And of course, there are Christmas presents to be made.

No rest for the wicked.

A bientot,

Miss Leah J Wilde

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