Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Update! 3

Hello my dear, beloved readers!

My costume (except the accessories) is finished! Last night I finished putting the eyelets in the corset (which will lace with white organdy ribbon) and took in the skirt. I also trimmed away the excess fabric from the sleeve adjustment on the blouse.

Now for the accessories!

1. I bought a blonde wig, shoulder length with bangs. I might style it but haven't decided yet, that will probably be determined on the day of Trauma. I'm tempted to add in green clip in extensions.

2. I bought white spray paint to paint my wings. They're currently green and purple but the green is too off, so we'll see how they look after a coat of white.

3. I haven't started the choker yet, but don't expect it to take long.

4. I did however work on my spats. I took the spats pattern I had and elongated it as the spats will be worn over knee high boots. Then I stitched the pieces of one spat together with a basting stitch and tried it over the boot - no go, the bottom fit fine, but the top was much too small. So I took out some of the stitching to determine where it needed to be widened. Then recut all the pieces adding about an inch to each of the front edges and about two inches to the back seam. Pinning took a little finangling and adjusting (and in one case, adding more fabric because the piece was too small to pin to its neighbor) but I got the pieces for one spat pinned and stitched. Then I tried it again. And it was pretty perfect, once you account for the fact that I'll lose some of the side seam when I put in the zippers. Since it fit perfectly now, I took the spat apart and used it as the pattern to cut out my muslin lining for the spats. All I have to do tonight is cut out the pleather and start sewing! Hopefully I can finish them tonight, or at least get a good start.

5. AND I found a free online pattern for mini bloomers. I'll either make them out of white cotton or left over Princess Leia fabric. Figured that works instead of buying white ruffle panties to wear underneath.

I'm almost there!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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