Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Update! 2 (still no pictures - sorry)

The underbust corset is almost done. Just need to do a little handsewing to finish it off. Now for the play by play of the corset - started out with all the pieces cut out of white pleather and muslin. Stitched all the seams of the pleather with 5/8 inch allowance and it was too big so I went to an inch allowance and it fit pretty perfectly, especially taking into account that I'd lose part of the front when I put the corset together. Next I repeated the sewing with the muslin, this time just using inch seam allowances. Then I stitched about 3/8 from the edge of the seam allowance to make channels for the boning. I laid the boning on top of the muslin and cut it about two inches shorter than each channel to allow for the top and bottom seams. Next I basted all the seam allowances down. I trimmed both the pleather and the muslin where necessary then started pinning them together, right sides facing. I left the opening inbetween the back side seams open along the bottom to allow for turning when I stitched the two together. Then I trimmed the corners and turned the corset so that right sides were out. It might need some topstitching but my current plans are to just hand stitch the sleeve openings and the opening in the back that I left for the turning. Then it needs the eyelets put in and it'll be done (unless I decide it needs topsitching).

I also worked on my skirt. I handstitched two pants hook and eye closures on the skirt front so it can close in the back. Then I pinned and hand stitched the skirt front and back together about halfway up each side. The plan is to have another hook and eye on each side at the top and then a couple snaps inbetween the hook and eye and the stitching. That way, its a little easier than my current bustle skirt that is stitched on one side and closes w hooks and eyes on the other. I got one hook and eye and one snap sewn on, one hook and eye and about three snaps left to go.

I also sewed a few patches onto my favorite pair of comfy jeans - two red hearts and a penguin (for my readers that are unaware, I have a thing for penguins so I could not resist a penguin patch).

So the costume is getting there, just a few last minute things and then the choker. I also need to pic up a blond wig and a pair of ruffled white panties to wear underneath. Or maybe some dark green boyshorts. But I do need to get something. I'm also contemplating making white pleather spats to go over a pair of my boots. I was thinking of wearing strappy silver sandals which would look good, but then I can't wear anything on my legs and I might get cold. Readers - Any thoughts on boots vs sandals with a steamy saloon girl esque outfit for a fetish Halloween party?

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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