Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Update! 4 - Spats!

I know, I know, I fail at the whole pictures thing. Miss Dashwood has promised a photo shoot so hopefully I'll have some pictures soon, of several of my costumes.

Last night I finished one spat completely and have the second partially done. I cut the pieces out of pleather, leaving extra at the top and bottom to turn under and finish the edge, then flatlined all the pieces with the muslin. Then I stitched the pieces of both spats together and inserted the zipper into one. I tried the spat on over the boot, and while it doesn't look absolutely fabulous, it looks acceptable. I topstitched along the seams, partially for decoration, partially so the spat will lay better, then turned and finished the top and bottom edges and added three sets of eyelets above the zipper (I purchased 12" instead of longer zippers in the interest of saving money). I plan to lace them with a little of the organdy ribbon.

So all I need to do is finish spat #2, add elastic to the bottom of both, paint my wings (I plan to do that this weekend at my beau's) and make the choker, which I don't see taking more than a minute or two, depending on how elaborate I decide to get. I work both jobs today and so will doubtfully have any time for sewing and crafting, but hopefully should be able to finish the spats and choker tomorrow evening after work and attending church services.

Then it'll be on to the next project! A new set of spats for my beloved captain and a hat for my Harley Quinn costume. Both of which need finished before the first weekend of November aka TeslaCon / Mid Ohio Con weekend.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

EDIT - Oh and I have the mini bloomers to make! I downloaded and printed the pattern today. It can be found at So all I have to do is put the pattern pieces together (the sucky part about downloading free patterns), cut out the pattern (trying to decide between white and green bloomers atm) and put them together. The pattern seems relatively easy so I don't anticipate it taking very long.

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