Monday, August 20, 2012

What Miss Wilde Did This Weekend

  1. Finish the commission. - DONE and will be handed off tomorrow
  2. Halloween skirt - Still need to finish the zipper and closure, but its not a priority. Deadline: October.
  3. Femme Joker - Lots of progress here! Tried on the skirt and took it in. Also made the zipper larger because there was no way to wear that slim of a skirt without a longer zipper. It still needs taken in maybe another half inch. It's also too long. The base of the jacket is put together, but I think it needs some darts in the back to help it fit better. Then comes the collar and the lining (still need to buy lining fabric...) The blouse is cut out, but I haven't started assembly yet. Deadline: end of September
  4. Nursing cover for my sister in law - Fabric has been bought and prewashed. Deadline: probably October-ish.
  5. AAR Tour Wear: I have a leggings pattern picked out, just waiting for it to go on sale. I also have some tunic plans, but will need to purchase fabric for said tunics. Deadline: September / October
  6. Hellhound cosplay: Realized I already have part of it - a blue scarf! I have a jacket pattern picked out but am unsure right now if it'll work or not. Currently thinking jeans, boots, tshirt, scarf and a cool jacket. All I'll probably have to make is the jacket. Oh and a wand. Definitely gonna have to make a wand. Deadline: Don't have one. Maybe end of September, maybe not til January for Ohayocon.
  7. Christmas nightgown: Pulled the fabric and patterns out the other day. I'm going to have to get a matching print to do part of the nightgown in because I definitely don't have enough of the nativity print cotton to do a long nightgown like I want to.  Deadline: Christmas (obviously)

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