Monday, August 27, 2012

When the boss is away, the mice

I got a lot done last week in my quiet office --
  • Halloween skirt: I finished the zipper, just need to extend the waistband yoke and add hook and eye closeures.
  • Miss Joker: The jacket is DONE!  The skirt waistband is on and the zipper is basted in. It passed the fitting test so all I need to do is finish the zipper and add a hook and eye closure.
  • Nursing cover: is cut out.
  • Christmas nightgown: I decided to make this one , option A. Probably without elastic on the sleeves. I cut the body of the nightgown plus the sleeves from the nativity print. The yoke and the ruffle will need to be done in a coordinating fabric, maybe a stripe. I was going to try to use some brown stripe I have at home but it turns out the fabric is cream and burgundy, not brown.
  • AAR Tour Wear: Tunic - Fabric is prewashed and the bodice is cut out. Still trying to decide if I want to do a square or a circle skirt for the tunic. Leggings - Prewashed the cream knit for my trial pair and the leggings pattern is on sale this weekend.
And I pulled out the embroidered quilt I started years ago, going to try to have the embroidery done and the quilt top assembled by Christmas.

I'll be traveling to my parents' home this weekend for the holiday. And I will have a lot of down time so I'm taking sewing. So far I've packed: (1) embroidered quilt for my nephew that I'm finishing for my cousin because she doesn't know all the stitches (2) a waist cincher that I plan to bone similar to a pair of stays with plastic ties from my father's newspapers (3) cotton scraps and quilting patterns in case I decide to start cutting. I'll also be taking (1) the Joker skirt to finish (2) the embroidered quilt (3) leggings fabric and pattern. I may even pack some of the pieces that need construction (the nightgown, the tunic, the nursing cover) and work on it there. But most of what I want to take is hand work or other things that I can work on away from a machine (such as cutting out patterns) because I will be spending Saturday in my parents' living room watching about 15 hours of Doctor Who. BBC America is showing the entire sixth season starting at 7 am, then premiering season seven at 9 pm! So excited.

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