Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fabric Shopping and What's In Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket

Fabric Shopping - A friend and I ventured out to the fabric store last evening. I purchases a few clearance items (a Disney Fairies pencil case that will probably be used for makeup, a black and white striped bow that I plan to attach to my Diamonds are Forever top hat, and two spools of thread); a bright orange organza remnant for my Miss Joker jacket lining; a cream rayon / spandex knit remnant to try out that leggings pattern when I get it (waiting for a sale!); a zipper for my Miss Joker skirt; and two yards of a bright pink extra wide cotton for a Tour Wear tunic which may also be used for a sundress skirt.

Progress - After shopping, I came home and worked on projects aka I worked on Miss Joker: The orange organza lining will need backed, so I pulled out some broadcloth and cut the jacket lining out of both the broadcloth and the organza. I also cut out some sleeve lining out of a purple striped lining fabric because I feel that the jacket fabric is going to be too scratchy on my arms. I cut out the skirt waistband, both out of denim and the skirt fabric, and started putting it together. And I also used broadcloth to cut out the interfacing for the blouse collar, collar stand and front band. The jacket collar has been cut out of the suiting and some black cotton for the interfacing. Oh and I decided to not take in the jacket because I'm afraid that if I do take it in that it will be too small. It's perfect across the shoulders so I'm leaving it alone. I think the collar is going to be trimmed in the orange organza, just a small ruffle.

What's in Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket - The office is going to be quiet this week, so last night I packed up my sewing basket. (1) Almost every piece of my Miss Joker suit. I'm planning to hand baste the lining and probably all the interfaced blouse pieces. I also want to work on the skirt waistband and zipper. (2) Halloween skirt so I can go ahead and get the zipper done. (3) Fabric and pattern for the nursing cover for my sister in law. (4) Fabric and pattern for the Christmas nightgown to see what I can do.

To Do List:
  • Halloween skirt: Finish the zipper.
  • Miss Joker: Hand baste lining and pin the lining together for stitching. Pin together sleeve lining for stitching. Baste blouse interfacing. Baste jacket collar interfacing. Sew on skirt waistband. Put in skirt zipper. 
  • Nursing cover: Cut out brown flannel and paw print flannel for the trim.
  • Christmas nightgown: Decide which nightgown to make and cut out the pattern. Also decide what kind of contrast fabric I want to use and where.
  • AAR Tour Wear: Prewash fabric. Once that's done, start on tunic. I can at least get that done while waiting for the leggings pattern. 
  • Hellhound cosplay

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