Thursday, August 9, 2012

STILL little to no progress

Lack of progress is mainly because I've been so crazy busy lately.
  1. Finish the commission. - Still not done. Deadline; ASAP
  2. Petticoat for my green and white sundress. - DONE. And then I wore a different dress to the wedding. It was still one that I made though, I wore my walkaway green and purple wrap dress.
  3. Bunting for my nephew - DONE
  4. Halloween skirt - Gathered to fit the yoke but not stitched. Deadline: October.
  5. Femme Joker - Cut out the suit. AND started the pinning. Deadline: end of September
  6. Nursing cover for my sister in law - Bought the fabric yesterday, brown flannel that is going to be trimmed in left over fabric from the bunting. Deadline: probably October-ish.
  7. Contemplating making some leggings for AAR's fall tour, for myself and for Pepper, and or a tunic to wear with said leggings or ones that I already own. Deadline: September / October
  8. Also contemplating a Hellhound costume from Auror's Tale. Deadline: Don't have one. Maybe end of September, maybe not til January for Ohayocon.

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