Monday, June 9, 2014

Steamtopia Preparations: Post the Fifth (and probably the Final)

It's almost time! Just three more days! Actually, I'll be most of the way to Detroit by this time in three days, if not already there. :)

And here's where I stand:
  • Wash overskirt is DONE. Except for the closure but I'm just going to do that at the stitch and bitch Thursday night.
  • Gold polonaise is DONE (or at least done enough! lol) I finished the edges at my friends last Saturday (the 31st) and got most of the construction done pretty easily. I hand sewed on a TON of braid, and ended up using hooks and eyes instead of buttons because (1) I couldn't find my buttonhole foot and (2) it was a little tiny bit snug if overlapped for buttons. So it just meets in the front with hooks and eyes. I finished the armholes with some twill tape, sewed to the outside, turned to the inside and stitched again. 
Polonaise back with all the braid!
As finished as it's going to get!
  •  The only thing left is finishing the gold and black hat band to wear on my new top hat with the polonaise. I'm just trying to get that to a point that it can go with me and get finished there. 
Top hat!

Panel-wise, I think I'm okay preparedness-wise. They probably need at least one more go through, but I feel okay about them. :)

My schedule:

Friday at 2:30 pm - Why Won't This Work! in Fairlane
Saturday at 10 am (already dreading the earliness! lol) - Mentioning Unmentionables: Ladies Undergarments in the 19th Century in Fairlane
Saturday at 5:30 pm - Prominent Posteriors: The Art of the Bustle in Fairlane

My close, dear friend and almost sister Sarah Hans will be there as part of the writing track! Her schedule can be found here.

I've heard some complaints about the schedule, but I think there's enough costuming and history programming to keep me entertained. Not to mention all the hanging out with friends, Ohio and otherwise!

Other than that, I just need to finish packing, and run to the store, and get my car worked on, and meet with my friend about my new living situation, and...

Oh my! Still so much to do!

A bientot, mes amis!

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