Friday, May 30, 2014

Steamtopia Preparations: Post the Fourth

  1. Airship uniform is DONE. I kinda just picked a spot and went for it with the wrist loops, we'll see how it works.
  2. Airship corset still needs that eyelet replaced, but I might just do it at the convention.
  3. Wash overskirt is almost finished actually.  I sewed the waist and sides, including the casings for the drawstrings, cut and attached all the strings, pleated the back to fit the waistband and sewed the waistband on, flipped and pinned the waistband. All that's left is finishing the waistband, sewing on a closure, and putting a button and maybe another string or two underneath for the poofing of the bustle. 
  4. Gold polonaise: I washed the brocade, and cut everything out, including the facings / lining pieces because I had enough of the brocade so it seemed silly to buy something else. I also cut out the interlining which had already been prewashed. I had a date with my friend's serger to finish all the edges this past week, but I caught some kind of plague and have been sick since last Thursday. So we rescheduled for tomorrow. Once all the edges are finished, I'll start construction. I need to figure out how I'm going to finish the armholes, since I'm doing it without sleeves (facing or just binding); and buy some buttons and trim.
  5. Pretty sure the garrison hat's not going to happen, however, my papa gifted me with a vintage top hat he owned so now I have that to make hat bands for! I already have pieces cut out for one out of the brocade. :)
I also need to prepare for my panels: I'm presenting Mentioning Unmentionables and Prominent Posteriors, at 530 pm on Friday and Saturday respectively. I'm excited because they're having a stitch and bitch Thursday night -- just a casual social hour to hang out and sew, finish costumes. Should be fun!

By the way, we are at less than two weeks now! A week and five days left to prepare! Eeep!

A bientot, mes amis!

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