Thursday, May 1, 2014

Greatly Revised To Do List

If you read my post on SES, you'll know that I had a super awesome time. So awesome in fact, that when I found out about another steampunk convention happening up in Michigan this summer, I knew that I had to go.

The consequence? My to do list for this year and my HSF plans are basically screwed, because now I need to make new things for Steamtopia. So...Here's what I'm working on:

  • Actually finishing my Edwardian corset (hooks and eyes at the bottom)
  • Making the Edwardian chemise (this will actually be an HSF challenge!), which is already cut out!
  • Actually finishing the airship uniform: the skirt and petticoat need hook and eye closures on the waist, and they both also need wrist loops on the trains.
  • Making a new airship uniform corset that actually fits. I have some awesome ideas for this! I probably also need to either make a little bolero to wear or get a cute short sleeved black blouse to wear.
  • Fixing my lobster tail bustle. I used random bits for all the ties and some of them don't hold well at all. So I need to replace them with some grosgrain ribbon.
  • To go with my Governess bodice and black underskirt: a new overskirt in grey and black, using the TV Wash Overskirt pattern. Of course, I don't have enough grey for everything, so I'm trying to decide how to make it work.
  • Also to wear with my black underskirt: a gold brocade polonaise, using the Truly Victorian pattern. I'm the most nervous about this one, as it's going to need a mock up which means it'll take more time to make than usual. So cross your fingers!
  • I'd also like to make a new white petticoat, out of the rest of my poly cotton batiste. Mine is old, and if it's hot a sheer petticoat would be nice. But if it doesn't get made, no huge loss.
  • I'd also like to make a swimsuit, cuz Butterick just released a new Patterns by Gertie pattern for a super cute one! But ... time.
There's some pictures of fabrics and such over on my Instagram (midnyghtsnow)  And just in case you're wondering, I have six weeks. Actually a little less, because in six weeks, I'll probably be on my way to Detroit.

Six. Weeks.

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