Monday, May 19, 2014

Fabric Shopping!

There was a fabric warehouse going out of business in town a couple weeks ago, so I headed over with my friend Mimi and we met Rachel there. It was $2 per yard, $1 per yard if you got 100 yards or more.

Here's what I picked up:

I took most of it off the bolts the other day and gave them a estimate measure. The gold on gold stripe is for a black and gold rococo punk outfit and there's about two yard of it.  The blackberry pink in the front will probably be an apron or short bustle skirt because there's only a little over a yard and it's 45" not 54" like the others.  The green and white and the white on white stripes are both Waverly prints, and will probably be a summery Victorian gown (maybe for Toledo War).  There's four yards of the white and a little over two of the green.. The pink on pink stripe is for me to share with Rachel, haven't decided what I'm making yet. I'm planning to take a sample of each and run them through the washer to see how they wash. After being in a warehouse, they aren't exactly clean...

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