Friday, May 2, 2014

Steamtopia Preparations: Post the First

I haven't gotten too much done yet, but here's my project updates:
  • Edwardian corset -- In a bag with hooks and eyes and blue thread
  • Making the Edwardian chemise -- Cut out and the first seam pinned
  • Airship uniform -- Nothing. Still in my garment bag.
  • New airship uniform corset -- Cut out the interlining, lengthening the pattern a little for a different look. It's pinned together for basting so I can try it on.
  • Lobster tail bustle -- Cut out all the old ties and started replacing them. I ran out of ribbon, so I think I have like four or five more to do. There's a lot of ties.
  • Wash overskirt -- Plan one: back and sides in silvery grey, front in black. But didn't have enough for that. So...after thinking about it, and asking friends, and thinking about it, and asking the HSF group and the Truly Victorian boards, and thinking about it some more, I decided to cut everything out of the grey satin, and just shorten / narrow as needed. So the apron is about 4 or 5 inches shorter than the pattern, the back / sides are a couple inches shorter and maybe a foot narrower than the pattern. I also pinned the darts and cut out the waistband.
  • Gold brocade polonaise -- Nothing so far, except reading the directions.
  • New white petticoat -- Nothing.
  • Swimsuit -- Nothing.
All in all, not too shabby for a few days work! I'm supposed to go to church camp tomorrow with my church family and maybe stay overnight (don't work til 2 pm on Sunday) and I have a Cinco de Mayo party to go to after work on Sunday, so I don't know how much I'll get done this weekend. But I figured a couple little hand sewing bits could go with me (like the Edwardian corset and the lobster tail bustle) and if I get the chance, I could sew.

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