Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Completed Sewing Projects as of 4/30/2014

In no particular order, here's everything I can remember making over the past few months:
  • Complete Regency ensemble from the skin out, including a reticule. Purchased pretty much everything including the patterns from Sense and Sensibility.
  • 18th century stays that were started last year sometime. I bought everything, but it sat around in my stash for a while so maybe it counts as a stash project. I did buy some more boning (cable ties) and thread I think. Maybe eyelets. I did buy some silk to use as binding on the corset.
  • 18th century bum pad, stash materials.
  • Two Clifford the Big Red Dog aprons for my father and brother.
  • Ohio State University pajama pants for my cousin.
  • Commissioned jacket for a friend's Elizabeth from Bioshock cosplay.
  • 18th century petticoat, purchased fabric and ribbon.
  • Edwardian corset and drawers, purchased almost everything except the lace I used as trim. Free corset pattern from Festive Attyre, and used a pajama pants pattern for
  • Easter dress, purchased everything.
  • Airship Archon uniform corset (which was a fail so I will be making a new one soon). Stash everything.

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