Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Steampunk Empire Symposium 2014

First of all, I had the BEST time this year! Seriously, I think it was the most fun I've ever had at a convention.

(1) I got to hang out with a bunch of friends from Ohio and from other states, including some quality time with Leanna Renee Hieber who was awesome and gorgeous and who sold me the third book in her latest series and autographed it for me because she's amazing.

(2) I made some new friends too! Some were people I'd run into before at other cons but never really talked with, or had talked with but never followed up afterwards, etc. and some were brand new, never met before.

(3) All of our panels went well! We had SIX (two were last minute and then there was also a replacement fiasco when a panelist with very good reasons cancelled) and all were well attended. The smallest we had was about a dozen people and I think that was because of the other panels in the same time slot. I had several new panelists working for me this year, and they all did well! So I was very pleased.

(4) It's a con, so of course there were parties. Use your imagination and then add awesome and that would probably be pretty accurate.

(5) The other programming (at least what little I attended) was also great. Leanna did a reading / question and answer and that was amazing as per her usual.  And there was a Steampunk Cooking panel and the food was to die for, plus he did it all gluten free so I could actually eat it without repercussions!

One small tiny kinda of bad thing: I think going off gluten has caused me to lose some weight, so some of my things don't fit right anymore. :(

Okay, now on to what I wore!

Friday afternoon / early evening: Black underskirt with my plaid bodice and plaid square overskirt. Forgot to take photos.

Friday evening: Edwardian undergarments for our Mentioning Unmentionables panel.

I really need to fix the bottom of the corset, it shouldn't gape like that.

With my friend Rachel, taken by the every so lovely Panda. We were quite scandalous walking the halls in our unmentionables!

Saturday earlier in the day: Persian Steampunk.

Only picture I got, and it's Sally taking a selfie of us. lol

Saturday afternoon / evening aka most of the day: Airship Uniform. The corset needs scrapped, or given away cuz I majorly screwed up the fit. Also I need a wrist loop on the train, I totally caught it in the door once and that was NOT fun.

Still needs work, but I seriously love my airship uniform. I even made Sigmund a cravat to wear with his black vest so he could be in uniform as well.

Saturday evening: Casual party steampunk - black shorts that I ran to Target and bought, black tank top, black stockings and high heeled boots and my pink underbust.

Sunday: Brown tank and knee length pants with my teal corset, casual and mainly comfy for the last day.

This is the corset that is too big now, a male friend laced it for me and it laced so far closed that it overlapped in the back. :( because it's one of my favorites.Photo was taken by Brian Kollig (google him, he's an awesome photog!) on my phone for me. Thanks Brian!

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