Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Steamtopia: The Reaction

I had meant to wait a few days for pictures to show up and for the convention to sink in and then I realized today, over a week later, that I *still* had not posted! Shame on me!

So, here it is!

Even though I had a good time, there were a lot of issues with the convention and it's organization. That out of the way, I had a blast! My panels went well, even if they were much more poorly attended than I'm used to, and it was great to see all of my friends! That said, on to the important part: What Miss Wilde Wore!

Thursday night: Even though there was kinda nothing going on (except for my friends Ozzy and Aaron's steamdrunk cocktails panel), I put on a little casual outfit: red and black plaid shorts, heavy lace tights, black lace blouse, burgundy bodice. And boots of course. Then I went and got in the hot tub with the Captain and Sarah, then put on a tank and my clockwork pajama pants to go see if there was anything going on. Ended up at a room party and stayed up too late hanging out with people. Because I only ever see my out of town friends at conventions!

Most of Friday: I decided that I wanted to wear my new pretty, so I got dressed in my gold polonaise with a black skirt, white petticoat and black tank top. And my top hat of course.

Friday night: Changed into my black and gold corset with the burgundy bustle that I wore to Promenade. If I remember rightly, I just wore black on black striped thigh highs... And again, I was up too late.

Saturday morning / early afternoon: Since we were doing Mentioning Unmentionables, I wore my Edwardian undergarments, with my new chemise and white stockings. I kept this on thru Aaron's steampunk cooking panel because I didn't have time to change and I seriously FROZE. Remind me to pack warm clothes the next time I go to Michigan.

Saturday afternoon / evening: I ran around for six hours I think in my steampunk Harley Quinn, which pretty much everyone loved. I definitely was ready to get out of it though: that costume is SO heavy!

Then I went to the hot tub again and somehow ended up running around the convention in my bikini...I wanted to show off my ink :)

Saturday night: I put on a black tank and booty shorts with my gold lace bustle and a black corset and a black lace jacket with black lace knee highs and boots. Repeat the up too late comment.

Sunday: I actually did NOT costume. I wanted to try on corsets from my friend Jessica's booth (Ties that Bynde) so I just wore jeans, tank top and a tshirt. I spend a couple hours wearing my tank with my new corset before changing back to the tshirt for the drive home.

As you can see I did NOT wear several things, most notably my natural form esque airship uniform, even though I did wear the corset, and my new wash overskirt. But fear not because it has been determined that Miss Wilde will be attending Teslacon!

Let the convention planning begin. lol

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