Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Teslacon Musings

For years, I've been saying "I can't go this year, but next year I'll go to Teslacon, I promise." But that hasn't managed to happen. So this year, I basically said screw it, I'm going even if I have to take unpaid vacation time from work. I talked to my boss last week, and emailed him a formal request off which he approved. I immediately bought tickets, then managed to arrange a room share with some friends, so now all that's left is a carpool. Unless I can manage to get a cheap flight because if I can, screw it I'm flying.

So, now that I'm thinking about my first Teslacon, my first trip to an award winning convention and pretty much the premier convention for at least half of the US, I'm understandably a bit nervous. What do I take? What new pretties do I make? What improvements do I make to the pretties I already have?

Here's what I'm thinking so far:
- The black underskirt goes, obviously
- The new gold polonaise, which needs some more braid added and a couple fitting issues fixed
- The naturalformesque airship uniform goes because I need to represent, I need to make a hat
- All of my grey / red / black things because I can mix and match them
- Harley Quinn probably, but I'd like to revamp it
- Maybes: Airship Stewardess. Time Traveler. Roma. Pink Paris.

So the to do list:
- fix and improve the gold polonaise
- hat for my uniform
- Victorian swimsuit (if I can ever pick a pattern!)
- black and gold rococo punk with Dixie
- maybe my green and white bustle dress
- maybe a brown silk underskirt with something to go with it
- maybe something in the YARDS of pink stripe I have
- maybe my green sari overskirt that I cut out but never finished and a bodice to go with it

Of course, this is all just musings, so we'll see what happens! I do after all have around four months or so until the event.

Current sewing plans? A steam casual travel themed sundress for Toledo War!

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