Monday, June 30, 2014

Revisiting Goals and Wishlists - 2014 Sewing

Back in January, I posted about my goals and some wishlist items for this year. Since I'm taking a look back over what I wanted to accomplish this year as means of at least attempting to make my Teslacon sewing in line with said goals, and since it's been six months and is thus the perfect time for a check in, here's a little revisit to that post with what I've done so far this year:

On the projects I'd like to finish front:

Grey / silver, red and black bustle gown: 
I said that I needed a wash overskirt. And I made it! So that's DONE.
There's still the long term goals of a new bodice and a parasol.

Sari Bustle Gown: I haven't done anything but I think this is going on my Teslacon to do list

Now for my 2014 goals:

Regency Ballgown: I finished what I needed! DONE!
There's still the long term needs: A spencer or pelisse and chemisette so I can wear the dress as a day dress as well. (This may also go on the Teslacon to do list)

Eighteenth Century Jacket and Petticoat
I have finished: the stays (which don't fit very well), the bum pad and the under petticoat.
I still need: An accurate chemise. Jacket using a pattern from Nehelenia (I think, not 100% sure). Petticoat. And a hat, probably a bergére. But this may mostly get pushed back til a later date. The black linen petticoat might happen to go with a rococopunk outfit I'm planning for Teslacon.

Civil War Day Dress - Haven't done any of this!
What I have: Nothing.
What I need: Chemise (can use Regency one if I need to). Drawers. Corset. Hoops. Petticoat. Skirt and bodice, or a dress. Maybe a Swiss waist.

And my Wishlist projects

1890s Gown based on a photograph of my great great grandmother - Haven't done any of this!
What I have: nothing
What I need: Corset. Chemise and drawers. Petticoat. Bodice and skirt.

Civil War Ballgown - Or this!
What I have: Well, as long as I finish the above Civil War goal, I'll have all the undergarments.
What I need: A ballgown. Or maybe just a ballgown bodice to wear with my day dress skirt. And probably a head dress of some sort.

Edwardian underthings - But these are DONE!

I could be doing better, but I think that I'm doing relatively well. With Teslacon happening this year, I'm pretty sure that the Civil War sewing along with the wishlist 1890s project are going to get pushed to next year.

Right now I'm working on the Teslacon to do list, because I only have FOUR months to get ready! Eeep!

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