Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To Do List - Deadline December 31, 2013

1. Hand quilting my embroidered quilt. Obviously, I don't really expect this to be done, but I might surprise myself. Hand quilting is addictive, people! I sit down almost every night and do a few lines.

2. Purple corduroy skirt. This just needs a zipper.

3. Christmas circle skirt. I think all this needs is hemmed.

4. Christmas sewing: Scrub top for  mom (the deadline on this one is actually Thanksgiving). Pj pants for my brother, nephew (I'd like these put together by Thanksgiving as well, for fitting) and my cousins two boys. And probably an apron for my father, because Joanns has Clifford the Big Red Dog fabric! (his name is Clifford, thus my excitement). Oh and an apron for my cousin but that doesn't need finished til January. And a little pillowcase out of train fabric for one of my cousin's boys.

I think that's everything! Man, I really need to get on this Christmas sewing thing...Maybe I can get some done this week since I took time off from job number two. I want to get the house decorated as well.

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