Monday, November 18, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 - Edited 11/20

Okay, I'm really gonna do the 2014 HSF, I swear!

I hope!

The Dreamstress has announced the following challenges so far:

1. Make Do & Mend, due January 15. The idea for this one is to fix issues with something and get it ready for the new year, or to re-purpose fabric into something new for your historical wardrobe. No idea what I can do for this one right now, but I'm thinking about it.

2. Innovations, due February 1. "To celebrate the way inventions, introductions and discoveries have impacted fashion, make an item that reflects the newest innovations in your era." Not sure what I'll do for this one either, maybe something black, or white (innovations of dyeing and bleaching respectively) or one of those corsets I have to make (innovation of front fastening busk) or a hoop skirt because that was definitely an innovation...

3. Pink, due February 15. Oh I can definitely think of something pink to do. Maybe an 18th century petticoat.

4. Under It All, due March 1. How perfect for me! Since I need to make all sorts of undergarments. I'll just have to make sure something is done by March 1st!

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