Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Has Miss Wilde Been Up To?

I started the lolita commission. The cream overskirt is ready for a try on and the grey tiered underskirt needs a little work, but it will be ready soon. The red overskirt is on hold because I don't have ribbon for the ties and its too hot to iron the seams. (90s all week + no central air = no ironing, among other things)

Other than that, I've been working to get things finished for my upcoming trip to New England! You know, that whole retro summer vacation wardrobe idea.

So far, I've made:
  1. Brown capris (that I liked better when I actually wore them, in case you were wondering)
  2. Red and black gingham high waisted shorts with a matching bodice (the bodice just needs ribbon ties on the halter neck before it's finished)
  3. Red pique pencil skirt
  4. Black and red large gingham plaid pencil skirt
  5. Star Trek printed cotton wrap circle skirt
  6. Measuring tape printed cotton circle skirt with pockets and I'm in the process of adding tabs to the waist to solve a little fit issue
  7. White striped sateen wrap blouse
  8. Black and white Paris printed cotton blouse
  9. Pink 60s shift dress from a vintage pattern
  10. White and blue dotted swiss dress
What I hope to make before I leave:
  1. Finish the blue linen dress that I've barely started
  2. A cropped pullover top from the leftover blue linen (it'd look great with those brown capris!)
  3. Another pair of high waisted shorts, probably in denim
  4. Black wrap circle skirt trimmed in the red and black gingham to coordinate with the shorts and bodice
  5. Maybe another 60s shift dress (I definitely want another one, just don't know if I can get it done before vacation)
  6. And if I end up with extra time, that 40s seersucker blouse. Which I have started, I just can't get up the interest to work on it
What's in Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket today? The measuring tape skirt and tabs. The blue linen dress with interfacing (okay, its really leftover poly cotton broadcloth from lining the Swiss dot dress because as you know, I really hate interfacing) for me to hand baste.

After all the sewing is done, then of course comes the best part -- the PACKING FOR VACATION.

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  1. See what I mean? My completed list = 1 dress.... but not the vest that goes with it. My to do list = .... everything else!