Friday, July 26, 2013

Update on My Retro Inspired Summer Vacation Wardrobe

So far...
1. Finished the dotted swiss dress with matching reversible bolero. (unlikely to actually take on vacation since it's you know, white, plus it may be too fancy for vacation)
2. Red and black gingham printed bottomweight high waisted shorts with coordinating top and sleeveless shrug.
3. Red pique pencil skirt. (I still haven't decided if this is going with me or not, because it skirts that too dressy line)
4. Pink and black plaid pencil skirt (Probably not packing. The cotton pique I can argue being not too dressy, but not this skirt as its a little on the sateen side)
5. Star Trek wrap circle skirt
6. White on white striped cotton wrap blouse.
7. Black and white Paris printed cotton blouse.
8. 60s shift dress in pink floral. (Even though its a dress, this is going because I think its casual enough)
9. Measuring tape printed cotton circle skirt with pockets and tabs on the waistband.
10. Dotted brown bottomweight capris.
11. Pink plaid-ish shorts. Which gave me issues. Although it was the same pattern as the red and black shorts, these were too small, I think because the fabric lacked stretch. So I took the half done waistband off, took out the zipper, ripped out the center seam, resewed the center seam with a 3/8 inch seam instead of the previously used 5/8, put the zipper back in, tried them on. They were still just a touch snug, so I took out the back darts and made them into little pleats so the waistband is still the same size and they still sit where I want them, but the shorts themselves have a little more give. I'm also thinking that maybe I should have lined the shorts, but its too late for that now. All they need is the hook and eye closure, but I'm going to give them a laundering first.
12. Cropped pullover in blue embroidered linen.

On my to do list:
1. Finish the denim high waisted shorts. I plan to do some topstitching, redo the as of now basted zipper, put on the waistband and launder before I add the hook and eye, in case the fabric shrinks.
2. Finish the black circle skirt, which I still haven't decided if its going to be a wrap skirt or not. Leaning towards not and maybe even giving it an elastic waistband... I've started pinning the red and black trimming on. I had to piece the back piece of the skirt, so I'm going to emphasize that with a line of plaid, and echo it on the front as well. I also have pockets in the plaid for the front.
3. If I manage to finish everything else, I may try to get the blue linen dress finished, even if it doesn't go on vacation with me.

While not for MY vacation wardrobe, I need to finish the conversion of a pair of capris into a skirt for my mother, for HER vacation wardrobe.

This weekend, I need to finish that sewing, do some laundry and start packing.

PS There's pictures over on my Instagram (midnyghtsnow) but I'm on a borrowed computer and I can't get them posted over here :(

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