Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Radically Revised To Do List

Since my 2013 Sewing To Do List is obviously not happening, here's what I'd like to do over the next few months, in absolutely NO particular order:

1. Finish my retro-inspired summer vacation wardrobe (black skirt trimmed in red and black plaid, pink shorts, denim shorts, blue linen dress, seersucker blouse)

2. Finish the embroidered quilt top and get it pinned before cold weather comes. Then spend the winter hand quilting it.

3. Start my 18th century outfit, if I could have the undergarments finished before the end of the year I'd be happy. Heck if I could get them started, I'd be happy.

4. Finish my green and gold outfit. I want to make a longer overskirt in green trimmed in gold and a gold underskirt. By Pandoracon if possible. If not, then Ohayocon. Maybe use the wash overskirt pattern?

5. I have this idea for a new steampunk outfit, either in some train fabric I was gifted recently, or some clearance travel-esque fabric I bought a while back in oranges and yellows.

6. Finish a quilt top I started FOREVER ago.

7. And for lucky number seven, make a wash overskirt in my grey satin trimmed to heck with black and silver and red.

8. Oh, and make a skirt from the two yards of wide wale purple corduroy I just bought. Can you say winter work wardrobe?

9. And I'd really love to make a coat. I have a pattern in my stash that's only like 10 years old or so... It's Vogue 7634.


  1. Let's make coats together. I told my blue and gold brocade I found at the thrift store that it's going to be a frock coat. :)