Friday, March 22, 2013

To Do List - Steampunk Empire Symposium and Work Clothes

For me:
  • Need to find white or pink laces for my new corset
  • Finish the lobster tail bustle
  • Maybe make a new underskirt for my Pink Paris ensemble, in a vibrant color like yellow or teal, if I can find some fabric that I like enough.
For my friend (she will be helping me with a lot of this):
  • Jacket and skirt to go with her new corset. I'll be making the jacket, and maybe assisting with the skirt if necessary.
  • Chemise and bloomers, also to go with her new corset. I think she'll be doing most of the work, but I'll likely be assisting her. 
That's not too bad, really.

I also want to finish some new work clothes:
  • The comic pants, which just need the zipper put in, the waistband finished and hemmed.
  • The black and floral corduroy skirt.
  • The striped corduroy skirt, which just needs the zipper, the waistband and the hem done.
  • And the purple skirt that was once a dress that just needs the waist finished somehow.

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