Monday, March 18, 2013

Completed Projects as of March 18, 2013

  • Finished Suicide Squad Harley Quinn for Ohayocon (finished in January, mainly stash sewn, purchased a few items like a zipper and bra cups)
  • Embroidery portion of my embroidered quilt (it only took about five or six years lol) (finished before January 14)
  • Keeper of the Keys corset (finished by February 1; I think it was all stash fabric)
  • Baby quilt for my cousin's little girl (some stash fabric, purchased flannel, batting and binding fabric; finished by February 18)
  • Quickie zebra print, elastic waist skirt for a concert that got cancelled. Guess I'll just stash it away for the next show. (purchased fabric, finished by March 1)
  • Chemise, petticoat and additional ruffled panel for the petticoat of my pink and white steampunk underwear ensemble. (finished by March 12; purchased fabric and quilt binding for the waistband, stash lace and twill tape and some other fabric) Corset (finished by March 19. Pretty much all stash, except I bought one thing of embroidery floss.)

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