Monday, March 18, 2013

Pictures from Weekend Sewing

First up, some corset pictures!

Corset flossing, day one or two. Its a learning process, as you can tell.
Corset flossing, halfway through the process
Corset flossing complete, time to start putting in the eyelets!
Eyelets complete, only thing left is to trim it out in some pink lace that matches the chemise and petticoat perfectly.

Next, I started putting together the comic pants! I decided to ditch the center front fly zipper for a simple side zip.  I was also worried fit (since the pants were cut out about ten years ago) so I did a 3/8 inch seam. I may go ahead and take it in to a 5/8, but I'm okay with the current fit. Next is adding the waistband, putting in the zipper and hemming them. And then I'll have a new pair of pants!

Comic pants, stage one of construction

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  1. The embroidery on the corset is lovely and I love funky pants. Great fabric!