Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To Do List - Mostly Steampunk Empire Symposium Preparations

For me:

  • Need to find white or pink laces for my new corset - Have a couple ideas for this, just need to go hunting
  • Finish the lobster tail bustle - I misplaced this, but found it yesterday. It's pinned and ready for the boning channels to be sewn. Should be able to finish it over the weekend (I hope!)
  • Maybe make a new underskirt for my Pink Paris ensemble, in a vibrant color like yellow or teal, if I can find some fabric that I like enough. - With everything else going on, and with needing to narrow down my packing list, I decided to not take this outfit to SES, so I don't need a new underskirt.
  • Although I decide that I needed a new 'steam stripper' outfit (short bustle with matching top) and bought this:

For my friend (she will be helping me with a lot of this):

  • Jacket and skirt to go with her new corset. I'll be making the jacket, and maybe assisting with the skirt if necessary. - The jacket is well underway. I cut and basted the lining and used that for fitting. I added a few inches to accomadate her (she's a little larger than the measurements given on the pattern) but ended up basically taking almost all of those added inches out. The fashion fabric is almost all cut out, and ready for construction! The skirt is also underway, its just a simple underskirt - one seam, elastic waist, hem. All I'll probably need to help with is the hemming.
  • Chemise and bloomers, also to go with her new corset. I think she'll be doing most of the work, but I'll likely be assisting her. - She bought a pattern and when last seen, was planning to get it cut out yesterday.
Also for the Symposium, I decided this was necessary:

New work clothes:

  • The comic pants, which just need the zipper put in, the waistband finished and hemmed. - Just needs a tiny bit of handwork on the waistband.
Comic pants, when almost completed. Still needed the hem and waistband finished at this point. I did end up taking them in a little tiny bit.
  • The black and floral corduroy skirt.
  • The striped corduroy skirt, which just needs the zipper, the waistband and the hem done. - Also just needs a bit of handwork on the waistband.
  • And the purple skirt that was once a dress that just needs the waist finished somehow. - DONE (as long as its actually wearable...)


  1. Thanks! They turned out really cute and wearable I think.