Friday, April 26, 2013

Steampunk Empire Symposium is THIS Weekend!

Adelaide, shuttle for the Airship Archon, is all packed and ready to make the flight to Cincinnati for a rendezvous with the rest of the crew!

The Archon is presenting NINE panels this weekend: Victorian Inebriation, From Disaster to Dashing, Steampunk 101, Steampunk 210 and Steampunk 320, Charm Swagger and Bravado, Prominent Posteriors, a Make and Take for modding a weapon and Prop and Costume Alchemy. I'll be serving on the Prominent Posteriors panel about bustles as well as Steampunk 210. And probably poking my head into several of the other panels to check on everyone, because I was recently made the official Convention Liaison for the Archon. *pauses for applause* lol This is the last convention that someone else in my group will be organizing panels for, so I'd like to get a step up for the next convention by knowing what's going on in our panels.

Packing is always a hard decision but here's what I decided to take: my new pink and white underwear set (dubbed Peppermint Candy Cane Underwear), Time Traveler (because I haven't worn it in a while), my Black and Burgundy set, the new 'steam stripper' in green and gold, as well as The Governess and some of my Black and Silver set because it can be mixed with the Governess. I'm pretty pleased with my choices, but packing always makes me feel like I'm choosing one child over another.

If you're there this weekend, come check out my panels! Prominent Posteriors is at 1 pm on Saturday and Steampunk 210 at 11 am on Sunday! Besides the Archon's always informative panels, there's loads of other panels to choose from (including a corsetmaking demo by Jessica from Ties that Bynde!) on a variety of topics, including workshops where you can make things! Plus there's the Symposium Games and music!

I'm just a touch excited for this weekend. lol

Shuttle Adelaide departs in t-minus two hours!

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