Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steampunk Empire Symposium Preparations!

To do list progress!
  • Need to find white or pink laces for my new corset - DONE! I still need to do a trial run of the outfit though...
  • Finish the lobster tail bustle - I worked on this, but ran out of boning. I'm going to hit up the hardware store tomorrow (payday) on lunch
  • New 'steam stripper' outfit - Is coming along nicely! The bustle is DONE, except for any sort of closure but I think I might just safety pin it this time and worry about a more permanent closure later. I decided to go with a corset, which has been cut out and the basting has begun. I might not line it though...haven't fully decided on that yet.
  • And I want to make a little shrug to go over the pink and white underwear, I cut out a piece of white fishnet, just need to sew it up!
  • I finished the little vest for my stuffed penguin to wear. I was going to trim the black side in the some trim I used on his hat, but didn't have enough.
  • Comic pants - DONE
  • Striped corduroy skirt - DONE
Everything for my friend is pretty much on hold, because she decided to skip the convention. :(

Almost complete steam stripper bustle apron

And I stitched up this hole in my BRAND NEW lace fishnet tights

So I've got this weekend (most of which I'll be either working or at an Archon event) and next to: (1) make a corset (2) finish a bustle (3) make a shrug and (4) test run my pink and white underwear. That's actually not too bad...

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