Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Last We Saw Our Sewing Heroine...

...she needed to spend her weekend sewing (1) a corset (2) a bustle (3) a shrug and also (4) test run new costumes.

(1) The corset is coming along nicely. It's boned (I used cable ties and lighter plastic both), has a zipper, and the lining is put together. I need to stitch the lining in, finish the edges with the bias tape I bought, put on the trimmings, put in the eyelets, make a little watch pocket and sew it on and sew on a D ring or two. I'm even putting in bra cups because otherwise I would have had to take in the bust.

Wow that sounds like a lot...

(2) The bustle is DONE. Just need to play with the ties a little bit.

(3) The shrug is also DONE and fits fine

(4) I haven't tried on the pink and white underwear yet, and I'm also gonna need to try out  the new steam stripper.

And I need to PACK! The convention is a week from tomorrow. A WEEK!!!! (Yes, I am in pre-con panic mode, thank you for asking lol)

And now...for some costume porn!
This is my first overbust corset.

One half of the corset done, including boning
Eyelets, d rings, bra cups, boning and bias tape? Must be corset making time!

And the finished Lobster Tail bustle!

In other news, I went fabric shopping the other day. I picked up some quick dry performance knit (running clothes), a yard of white Swiss dot to go with the blue I have in my stash for a new dress, and some teal taffeta for an underskirt to go with my Pink Paris jacket and overskirt. I went shopping with a new client, so I have the stuff for her commission as well.

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