Monday, February 27, 2012

Progress on 2012 Sewing Goals

Now for the sewing goals -- costuming.
  1. Finish my gypsy steampunk ensemble. Progress: The skirt gores are all pieced and the corset is pretty much done, it's wearable at least. I still don't know how much embroidery my mother is doing and how much I am responsible for, but I started embroidering the gore in my possession. So right now, we need to worry about embroidering all six panels, and then putting them together in a skirt. Then I need to finish the headscarf and make the petticoat, which I can't do until the skirt's done. Original deadline: end of April for the Steampunk Empire Symposium. Current deadline: Unknown.
  2. 1875 Square Overskirt (Truly Victorian) in black and silver plaid. DONE.
  3. Pink and black steampunk ensemble. Progress: The overskirt is pretty much done, all it needs is a closure. I'll be starting the bodice next, once I have my measurements. I went with a Paris theme for the costume and am using a Paris print cotton in black and white in conjunction with the pink satin. Original deadline: None. Current deadline: Steampunk Empire Symposium if its possible.
  4. An underbust corset out of left over key print flannel to wear with my Keeper of the Keys skirt and a blouse for steam casual events - Haven't started this yet. Thought about it yesterday, but couldn't find the pattern I wanted to use. I may just need to pull out the cincher I want to duplicate and trace it.

No deadlines:

  1. 1884 Wash Overskirt.
  2. Sari inspired head to toe Victorian ensemble.
  3. Female Joker. This might end up not being a steampunk costume...
  4. Natural form Victorian costume.
  5. An 18th century costume.
  6. A French Huguenot costume.
  1. A Victorian bathing suit. I'm taking this one off the list. I'm running out of time, with the Symposium only two months away and two major costumes to finish before then. And other things going on in my life.

Other sewing goals:

  1. Baby quilt for my new niece or nephew. Deadline: sometime between September and Christmas. The current idea is to make a quilt for Minnow to grow into, so there's no rush to have it done by the due date.
  2. New snowtrooper coat for Beau.
  3. Unmentionable bag for Beau.
  4. Maybe some Star Wars pajamas for Beau.
  5. New retro sundresses. Maybe one from a cupcake pring.
  6. A playsuit with removable skirt
  7. Flannel quilt
  8. I have some Spiderman flannel that wants to be pajama pants. - DONE
  9. Nativity printed cotton dress or skirt
  10. A circle skirt out of Halloween pin up fabric.
  11. A high waisted skirt from my retro jumper pattern.

February 2012 To Do List Progress rather dismal, honestly.
  • Concert tshirts throw: I have worked on this, but there's no real deadline for it, since it wasn't done for my trip earlier this month.
  • Sew D rings onto the gypsy corset. Haven't done this yet either. Deadline: ASAP
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in. - Or this. Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • Make Beau Star Wars pajama pants if he wants them. - Or these, I don't even know if he wants any pajama pants. Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • Put the decorative pocket on my plaid square overskirt (if I decide I even want it there). - - Deadline: ASAP/before the next convention -- I've pretty much decided that I'm not adding the pocket.
  • Beau needs a new fleece coat for his Snowtrooper. Haven't worked on this, or even bought the fabric yet. - - Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • At least start Stage Two (the embroidery) of the crazy quilt skirt. I have started this!! I berated my mother for not starting this yet, and did a line of embroidery yesterday on the one panel in my possession. Unfortunately, most of the embroidery supplies are in her possession, so there's not much I can do. Deadline (for the entire project): Steampunk Empire Symposium. (which is unlikely to be met)
  • Paris Ensemble: Has been started! The overskirt is almost complete. - Deadline (for the entire project): Steampunk Empire Symposium.
I told you it was rather dismal...

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the Third

My new overskirt - Truly Victorian #374 1886 Bordered Asymetrical Overskirt - is DONE except for the closure. I'm not positive that it's going to lay quite right without some assistance, the adding of my own border has altered the drape of the fabric. But we'll see.

The first step of course, was to add the border to the edges of each piece. I sewed the two back pieces together and made two burnouse pleats. Then I moved on to the front piece. Where I hemmed the wrong edge. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I hemmed the wrong edge soon enough to correct the issue. So there's some extra bulk in the waistband. I had some issues with all the pleating involved, but think I finally figured it out.

And then...came the waistband. Sigh. Yeah there were definitely issues there. According to the directions, I was supposed to pleat a huge section of fabric down to fit about three inches of space. I went with a gathering stitch, and then just kinda forced the gathered section to fit that three inches of space.

Up next: trying it on with the bustle and underskirt for fit, then putting on the closure. I'll try to get some pictures of me wearing the new overskirt.

Mistakes I won't make again: I won't hem the wrong edge of the front section. And I'll take out some of the width of the back piece so I'm not forcing a yard of fabric into three inches of waistband.

After the underskirt is done, I'll move on to making the muslin of the bodice.

In other news, I picked up four more yards of grey taffeta. I'm planning a new underskirt, perhaps one that will go with my new square overskirt. But that is not an immediate project.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the Second

Well, my dear readers, I was all set to start on a baby quilt -- my dearest brother is going to be a father later this year, and I am already super excited about becoming an aunt -- but my gender neutral quilt plan was vetoed by my sister in law, so I have to wait another two months until they discover the sex of the baby.

Since I can't work on the quilt yet, I decided I'd start on my Paris gown instead. I purchased some muslin and pattern material (for the bodice). I also picked up some pretty grey taffeta for a new underskirt.

Work done on the Paris gown so far: I cut out the overskirt. I hit a little snafu: the satin I'm using was cut to be used as curtains, so the pieces are only about 2 yards long. I needed more than two yards to cut the back piece because it's supposed to be cut on the fold. Instead I cut it so it'll have a center back seam. Then I ironed the pieces and my Paris cotton print that is going to become the 'border' of the overskirt. I even cut the first piece of the 'border' and pinned it to the edge of one of the back pieces.

Now I'm off to the fabric store for black thread, maybe some pink thread, and hopefully some more grey taffeta (the store yesterday only had two yards, definitely not enough for an underskirt).

A bientot!

UPDATE They didn't have any of the grey taffeta at store #1 yesterday. Tonight after work I'm going to try another store to see if they have any. I might be able to squeeze the skirt out of the two yards I have. The pattern I plan to use calls for a little more than two yards so it may be doable, but I'm only taking that option if I absolutely have to.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scrapbooking Update

When pulling out my scrapbooking supplies, I found an 8 by 8 scrapbook I'd started a few years ago of a show I saw the Rejects do. Realizing it was just missing a few pages, for which the pictures were already slid into the page protectors for, I decided my first step would be to finish that scrapbook.

I'm happy to announce that my scrapbook of the April 2009 show in Milwaukee is finished.

My next step is working on the 'monster' book I started of ALL the shows I've been to. My plan is to just have a few pages per show, to hit the highlights and hopefully tell all my stories.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I probably won't be doing much sewing for a little while. I saw my favorite band over the weekend, and I'm in total scrapbooking mode right now. But don't be surprised if I post some here about the scrapbooking. :)

EDIT 2/9/12: And I apparently need to scrapbook my boyfriend and I because when he saw that I pulled out a stack of scrapbooking supplies and I told him it was all for the Rejects, he totally pouted. So I guess its gonna be a little All American Rejects scrapbooking, a little couple scrapbooking, and repeat.