Friday, January 10, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly and Other Historical Sewing Plans

So far, The Dreamstress has posted seven challenges for this year:

1. Make Do and Mend - I've been working on a Regency spencer made from an old project, but it's not turning out very well. I'm going to finish it, but doubt I'll post in on HSF

2. Innovation

3. Pink - I have a couple ideas rolling around in my head right now, mainly because I need something to wear to a party on Feb 14, the day before this is due. lol  Idea #1: 1920s dress, either the Vionnet 20 minute dress on Reconstructing History or the Magic Dance Frock from Dressmaking Research. Idea #2: A pink 18th century petticoat that would match my stays I'm working on. I'm leaning toward this idea, but I worry that I don't have time to finish the stays before the event, let along the hip pads or pocket hoops I'd need as well. And probably a little pink shrug or something as well. (Will work as a rococopunk outfit that way!)

4. Under it All - Still going to be my Regency underthings, which are coming along well.

5. Bodice - Still planning on the teal silk sleeveless spencer.

6. Fairytale - White Regency ballgown with some type of blue open robe for my version of Cinderella.

7. Tops and Toes - Probably a bergère hat

Other Historical Sewing, that I can hopefully work into a yet unannounced HSF challenge:

1. 18th century jacket out of cream and black flocked taffeta with a black petticoat. This is what I'd wear the
bergère with. I'll also need to finishe my stays and make the chemise and underpetticoat as well, plus hip pads or pocket hoops if I haven't already made them. I'll need this by July, my historical costuming group is planning a Bastille Day picnic.

2. I'd love to get some more accurate bustle era things done as well, because said group will also be doing Bustling Through the Park events, probably in the spring and the fall. Maybe my wash overskirt...

3. Civil War, with all the appropriate underthings. Maybe by the fall, my mother and I will be going on vacation to see some Civil War sites, it'd be fun to go in dress.

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  1. Yay for all the things!!! I'm working on a pair of tap pants for Innovation. 100% Bemberg Rayon lining is slippery stuff. I'm not looking forward to making bias tape. I promised myself I would finish them this weekend so I can get started on next 3 challenges to get them done in time for the masquerade.