Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 - Project Update with Pictures!

I've decided to (try and) post an update at the end of each month about what I've been working on and (hopefully) what I've finished. So, here's the first one: January 2014!

  1. I started a Regency spencer for HSF #1 Make Do and Mend but never finished it. The pattern I used to base it off of was a very poor choice, and the spencer ended up with several pleats instead of being smooth to fit right. And I don't have enough fabric to recut all the pieces so...
  2. I made a pair of Regency short stays to go with my previously finished Regency chemise. I used Sense and Sensibility's Regency Underthings pattern and they came out pretty good I think. They'll be for HSF #4 Under It All, along with the chemise and the last piece, a petticoat with straps (which I have cut out but not started construction on).
Pretty hand stitched bust gussets
I hand quilted the short stays, with just a little boning because I don't really need that much support.
Finished short stays!

  1. I worked on a pair of 18th century stays, started forever ago (it feels like). I think they're coming along reasonably well, I'm up to the binding portion. In case you've ever wondered, binding the tabs on stays SUCKS. It's a horrid, but necessary, stage of construction. However, once I'm done with the binding, all I have to do is put eyelets at the shoulders and pick up some ribbon to tie the shoulder straps in place. I splurged a little bit (and used a coupon) on a 1/2 yard of cream silk for the binding. Totally put in metal eyelets though, cuz I am NOT dealing with handworked ones.
Stays, after I was finished with the boning.
Stays, in the midst of lining
Stays, while putting in the metal eyelets.
Stays, the top edge while binding.
Stays, approaching the end of the binding.

  1. I started an 18th century bum pad, just looked at a couple other seamstresses versions and drew up a pattern. I need to sew the two sides together so I have sections, then stuff it, close it up and put ties on it so it's wearable.
  2. OH! And I had a last minute Ohayocon commission for a friend -- a bolero jacket for her Elizabeth from Bioshock cosplay. Definitely put that one on the DONE list. Finished it on January 24th.
  3. Also in the works are two aprons for my dad and brother (I really should finish those...) and pajama pants for my cousin (which I also should finish...)
Apron fabric, because my father and brother are both named Clifford. I couldn't resist!
I've been brainstorming and planning and shopping for several other projects as well.
  1. I picked up 3 yards of cream cotton linen blend linen for an 18th century petticoat. Originally I was going to try to dye it pink to match the stays for the HSF #3 Pink challenge, but I'm terrified of ruining a not very inexpensive fabric purchase by attempting to dye it so....the stays will be for the pink challenge and the petticoat will be cream, which will coordinate with the stays.
  2. I also bought fabric for my Regency ballgown which'll be for HSF #6 Fairytale. It's a super lightweight cotton shirting white on white with a silver metallic pinstripe. I got an amazing deal on that fabric by the way, I only hope that there's enough for the dress! It's 50 inches wide so I *think* I can eck it out, I just really wanted elbow length sleeves. So we'll see. 
Regency ballgown fabric. A steal at $2.50 a yard!
  1. I've been 'window' shopping for fabric for the Regency open robe that'll go over the ballgown, but haven't purchased anything yet.


  1. I just tried on my short stays from S & S yesterday, now that I've put the boning in. Lets just say, my upper area looked like a Macy's thanksgiving day balloon.

    1. I don't have much going on up top, so I don't know if I look like a thanksgiving day balloon, but I think they'll do the job :)