Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Goals and Wishlists - 2014 Sewing

I was inspired by a post made over on A Girl Anachronism of her plan for HSF 2014. To keep herself on track, she listed a couple goal outfits and a couple wishlist outfits including what she already has in her wardrobe and what she would need. I decided this was a brilliant idea! Even though most of this is already scattered across my blog, I figured it'd be nice to get it all in one place. So without further ado:

First up, projects I'd like to finish:

Grey / silver, red and black bustle gown: What I have: Bodice vest (probably not that historically accurate, but it's one of my steampunk outfits so...) and an underskirt.
What I need: Wash overskirt.
Long term: New bodice. A parasol would be nice.

Sari Bustle Gown:
What I have: A cut out overskirt. Black underskirt I can use in a pinch. Lobster tail bustle.
What I need: Bodice. A better underskirt. 

Now for my 2014 goals:

Regency Ballgown
 What I have: Chemise. Partially finished stays.
What I need: Petticoat with straps. Ballgown. Open robe. Reticule.
Long term: A spencer or pelisse and chemisette so I can wear the dress as a day dress as well.

Eighteenth Century Jacket and Petticoat

What I have: Pretty much nothing. Stays are in progress, and I can always use my Regency chemise in a pinch.
What I need: Chemise. Bum pad (I'm going for more of a late 1780s-early 1790s look). Under petticoat. Jacket using a pattern from Nehelenia (I think, not 100% sure). Petticoat. Hat, probably a bergére

First on the list: Finishing the stays. Making the bum pad. Making the under petticoat.

Civil War Day Dress

What I have: Nothing.
What I need: Chemise (can use Regency one if I need to). Drawers. Corset. Hoops. Petticoat. Skirt and bodice, or a dress. Maybe a Swiss waist.

And my Wishlist projects

1890s Gown based on a photograph of my great great grandmother
What I have: nothing

What I need: Corset. Chemise and drawers. Petticoat. Bodice and skirt.

Civil War Ballgown
What I have: Well, as long as I finish the above Civil War goal, I'll have all the undergarments.
What I need: A ballgown. Or maybe just a ballgown bodice to wear with my day dress skirt. And probably a head dress of some sort.

Edwardian underthings
What I have: nothing
What I need: Chemise and drawers or combinations. Corset.

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