Monday, January 13, 2014

Planning my Historical Sew Fortnightly Sewing

Previously announced challenges and my plans:
  • #1: Make Do & Mend – due Wed 15 Jan. Regency spencer using fabric from another, unfinished project. Status: partially completed, needs lining, closures, hemmed, etc.
  • #2: Innovation - due Sat 1 Feb. No plan.
  • #3: Pink - due Sat 15 Feb.  Pink 18th century petticoat (aka skirt) to go with the 18th century stays I have in progress. I'd like to do linen if possible, either purchased in the right shade of pink to match my stays or dyed.
  • #4: Under it All – due Sat 1 March. Regency underthings. The chemise is already completed, and the short stays are coming along nicely I think. I'm also going to make a petticoat with straps, necessary since my planned ballgown will be rather sheer.
  • #5: Bodice - due Sat 15 March. Regency sleeveless spencer out of teal silk, hopefully handstitched.
  • #6: Fairytale – due Tue 1 April: Regency Cinderella.
  • #7: Tops & Toes – due Tue 15 April.  Bergere hat for my planned 18th century outfit. 
Newly announced challenges and my current thoughts on what to make:
  • #8: UFOs & PHDs – due Thur 1 May.  Use this opportunity to finish off something that’s never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through.  Check out the post from last year for more information on how to interpret this challenge. This might be finishing the Regency spencer. Or any of the other above challenges. Or my green sari asymmetrical overskirt that's been laying around for months.
  • #9: Black and White – due Thur 15 May.  Draw on the opposite ends of the shade spectrum to create something in black and white, or black or white. Black linen 18th century petticoat.
  • #10: Art – due Sun 1 June.  Make your own masterpiece based on a work of art. No idea.
  • #11: The Politics of Fashion – due Sun 15 June.  World affairs have both affected, and been affected by, fashions.  Craft something that demonstrates the interactions between dress and political history. No idea here either.
  • #12: Shape & Support – due Tue 1 July.  Make a garment that changes the silhouette of the human form through shaping and support. Hmmmm, maybe a Civil War corset? Or hoop? Or both?
  • #13: Under $10 – due Tue 14 July.  Whip up a fabulous item for under $10 (we’ll use US$ as the de-facto standard) This one will definitely take some major planning to stay under $10!
  • #14: Paisley & Plaid – due Fri 1 August.  Plaid is the most universal pattern, found in the textiles of almost all cultures and periods.  Paisley is more unique and recent, but has had a lasting impact on design.  Make something that utilises one or both of these patterns. No real idea yet, but there is some lovely plaid taffeta at the fabric store that I've been eyeing for months...I will probably try to make a plaid overskirt for my bustle gown wardrobe...
  • #15: The Great Outdoors – due Fri 15 August.  Get out into the weather and dirt with an item for outdoor pursuits. No firm ideas, but a friend suggested swimwear. Another thought I just had is a better Regency spencer than the one I'm working on, or a Regency pelisse.
  • #16: Terminology – due Mon 1 September.  Explore the etymology of fashion by make something defined in the Great Historical Fashion & Textile Glossary (new terminology posts and items will be added throughout the year). No real plan, but some ideas: balmoral petticoat, corselet / swiss waist, chemisette, pierrot jacket...leaning towards either a Swiss waist for Civil War dress or a pierrot jacket since a similar jacket is already on my to do list and it'd just be a matter of altering the pattern a little.
  • #17: Yellow - due Mon 15 September.  Embrace the sunny side with something in any shade of yellow. No real idea, but maybe something for the Civil War...
  • #18: Poetry in Motion - due Wed 1 October  Find inspiration for a garment in poetry and song.   No idea.
  • #19: HSF Inspiration - due Wed 15 October.  One of the best things about the HSF is seeing what everyone else creates, and using it to spark your own creativity.  Be inspired by one of the challengers item from HSF ’13 or HSF challenges 1-18 to make your own fabulous item. Another one that will have to wait, until I'm inspired by someone's work!
  • #20: Alternative Universe – due Sat 1 November.  Create a garment from an alternative universe: fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, etc.  Your item can be perfectly historically accurate within our own universe as well. A steampunk outfit, of course. Or maybe rococopunk. Or maybe I'll just wait to make my new black and gold corset and do it for this challenge.
  • #21: Re-do – due Sat 15 November.  Pick any previous challenge and re-do it (or do it for the first time).  It could be one that you didn’t finish, one that you wish you’d had more time for, or any time for, or one where you loved the theme so much you want to do it again. Probably more underthings, for either 18th century or Civil War.
  • #22: Fort-nightliers Choice – due Mon 1 December.  This one is up to you!  In June I’ll ask for suggestions for a theme, and we’ll vote to pick the one you most want to do as our 22nd Challenge of the year. Obviously, planning for this one will have to wait until we pick the challenge!
  • #23: Modern History – due Mon 15 December.  Make something historical or historically inspired that is wearable in an everyday context. Hmmm, maybe a 1940s dress or skirt...
  • #24: All that Glitters – due Thur 1 January.  Celebrate your completion of HSF ’14, and the New Year, with a glittery, glitzy, sparkly, shiny, something. Civil War ballgown. Maybe. 
Projects that I'd like to fit in somewhere:
  • 18th century jacket out of flocked cream and black taffeta 
  • Wash overskirt, grey and trimmed in black and red 
  • If I finish the asymmetrical overskirt, I'll need to make a bodice to match. 


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