Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sewing Goals for the First Couple Months of 2014

Regency spencer using fabric from another project before January 15 for the HSF2014 Make Do and Mend challenge. Should probably work on this actually...

Pajama pants for my cousin before January 16. Should probably work on that too...

Aprons for my father and brother. Sooner rather than later, but no real deadline.

I've been thinking about things I could do for HSF2014 Innovations and Pink challenges (both due in February), but don't have anything firm yet.

Finish my Regency underthings before March 1 for the HSF2014 Underthings challenge

Teal silk sleeveless spencer before March 15 for the HSF2014 Bodice challenge

Regency ballgown before March 22 for the Regency ball I want to attend. I'm letting ideas brew of what Cinderella would wear to a Regency ball so it also fits the HSF2014 Fairytale challenge due on April 1st.

18th century stays. No deadline yet, but they might take a while so sooner rather than later is better I think. I've contemplated doing Cinderella in this style instead, but I don't know that I'll have the time. Or come up with a rococopunk outfit using the stays by April 25th for Pandoracon.

Black and gold corset by April 25th for Pandoracon to complete my airship 'uniform'

And my hand quilting of course.

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