Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To Do List Update - Fall Convention Prep

Since convention season is starting, and the weather will be turning cold soon, here's my current to do list:

White eyelet lined and trimmed in lilac cotton 60s shift - DONE

Two quilt tops and backs - DONE. Next up is the pinning this weekend.

Finished UFO mystery quilt top
Embroidered quilt, it now has a pink border.
Lolita commission. Deadline is mid October for Teslacon. - Coming along well.

Jacket commission I started months ago for a friend. Deadline is mid October for Pandoracon - This still needs worked on.

Finish my green and gold outfit - Natural Form, steampunk style. I need to make a natural form-esque petticoat and underskirt, both with ruffles, and also a long green overskirt trimmed in fringe. Deadline - Pandoracon -- I've started this. The petticoat is cut out and I've started construction. It's going to have a removable under section of crinoline with a ruffle to give it some extra ooomph. I bought black satin for the skirt (about 7 yards of it) as well as some black mirror organza, which will likely become ruffles on the overskirt. Currently, I'm working on the ruffles on the petticoat train.

Hand sewing lace onto the bottom ruffle of the petticoat train.

Purple corduroy skirt - This is prewashed but I still don't know what pattern I'm using. I'm tempted to do a full skirt over a pencil, if I have enough. It's a large wale corduroy and I just don't know if that'll work in a pencil skirt.

Striped Echino skirt - This is cut out. I went with a Vogue skirt pattern that has a ruffle at the bottom. So the stripes are vertical on the skirt itself and the ruffle was cut so the stripes start horizontal and get chevron-y towards the side seams.

Cutting this out made me nervous...I ended up basically cutting one layer at a time.
Turquoise corduroy - I cut out another 60s vintage pattern, a vneck jumper.

Vintage pattern and the turquoise corduroy. I even remembered to buy matching thread and zipper!
If possible, a new mask for Diamonds are Forever.

When I purchased the black satin and organza, I also picked up a couple other things...cream corduroy for a skirt along with lining (pencil skirt) and navy corduroy for another pencil skirt. There was a clearance sale. And I love corduroy. And I want to phase out wearing pants. Okay, I'm done justifying my fabric shopping. lol Also I somehow remembered to get thread to match the cream and navy, but no zippers for either of those or for my striped fabric.

And here's what I bought when I got the petticoat fabric --

L to R: pink flannel for the back of the mystery quilt, white crinoline, white muslin and Christmas fabric for my mom's Christmas gift - a new scrub top (she'll get it early, obviously)

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